Wednesday, May 23, 2012

you and him, him and you

I was an only child so now having two of my own I'm seeing for the first time how siblings are.  These two will fight, rat each other out, kiss, make each other laugh and stick up for each other even if they are totally in the wrong.  It's quite fascinating.  One lazy Sunday afternoon while daddy was at drill I snapped this pictures of the two just goofing off to the point of cracking me up. 

I'm still super new to PS and I couldn't get my flash to not hit that confetti pocket that is an &.  I purchased it from Wendy's shop A Life Handmade (from the looks of it I need to go shopping again) and I seriously need more.  The & mask, abroad papers, paper clip, potty people wood veneer and two different letter stickers are all from Studio Calico.  I used SC's silver, passport (navy) and clay Mister Huey's as well.  Sorry that the larger letters are hard to see.  I was really struggling with PS on this one.  I didn't want it to look fake and that's where it was headed if I made those two things more visible. 
Thanks for looking :)  Hopefully it won't take me a whole month to post stuff I've had done for a while. 

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