Sunday, October 16, 2011

More Halloween Goodness

So as I've stated before Halloween is my fave and my decorations (some year round) are in full swing.  They started swinging last weekend but it's been a bit up and down lately with a sick family member. 

So here are a few of my favorites and some new additions to the family. 

I saw this and almost had to push people out of the way to get it.  Not only do I love jars (not sure why that is) but check out that pumpkin.  How wonderful is that smile?

These guys my hubby and I purchased in Mexico back in 2007.  They are up year round - until we moved LAST October and I still haven't found a home much less taken them out of their protective plastic.  How sad for them.  I think I'll find them a good home this weekend...

 Ms. Sadie sits on whatever desk I'm at.  I've had her for years and she used to sit on my desk at work until I was asked to relocate her...Some people just don't get my humor - oh well...


  1. What a super collection. Glad you nabbed that jar. Fabulous! xxD

  2. BTW, I adore the skellies from Mexico too, You should stop by my blog tomorrow for our Dia de los Muertos Blog hop. Oh and BTW, I checked out your gorgeous wreath, too. Love it! xxD