Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hello, do you like my hat?

I didn't realise that my last post was so long ago so heres whats going on since then. 

I have been reading way to much "Go Dog Go" because my son doesn't want any other book.  Sometimes we get lucky but not enough.  That goes for the Disney movie Cars.  At least I haven't gotten totally sick of it but a trip to the store is on the list to get a new favorite to keep mommy's sanity.

I also went to New Orleans for 4 days to attend the first A Muse Studio conference (I'm a consultant - its really just so I can get together with the girls but the product self it's self so it's all good).  That was a blast!  I haven't been away from my kids for that long but I know my husband is good enough that he wouldn't kill them.  I actually didn't want to go but I am SO glad I did.  I made a few good friends and met a lot of nice people. 

Even with all the crafty fun of NOLA (with Pat O'Briens hurricane - recommended and a grenade - NOT recommended unless you are experienced.  I am not.) I am still in a craft funk.  I have lost most of mojo and just sadly look into my scrapbook room as I'm going up the stairs. 

I've been tired lately so I'm really just hoping once I get up to date on my sleep I will get back in to my groove. 

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