Sunday, March 4, 2012

A few changes

I wanted to rename my blog a month after I started it.  Not because I don't like the name.  After all Zoe is my daughters name but because I felt it wasn't something that said "me".  About 10 years ago I moved to Massachusetts with my first husband and we bought a Victorian that needed a good chunk of help.  While there I started a business called Bangers and Mash Designs.  That business has since closed but the name was totally me.  Since last September I've been mulling over blog names that were as me as my old business and just kept coming up with names that were so not me....until last night.  It just hit me and so I renamed my blog from Zoe's Scrapbooking Corner to 5 Cheeky Monkeys because we are a family of five sarcastic silly people.  I know that's not the full definition but it works and it "so me" :)

I will keep the url ( for now just because I'm trying to make sure it doesn't disrupt everything I've worked for.  Thanks for the support over the last few months, sorry if this causes any confusion and welcome to me! 

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