Friday, December 30, 2011

Holden's 3rd birthday

My little man turned 3 on the 28th.  I can't believe he's 3 - where does the time go?!  The little boy next door has a trike that Holden just loves so for his birthday we got him one of his own.  He so far has done really well with it and even "parks" it in the garage at night.  Children are silly little creatures aren't they? :)  Here is a picture of him and his sister enjoying ice cream cake.

Every since I could remember we had a Carvel's ice cream parlor in one of the many shopping centers in Vienna, VA.  It is LONG gone by now but I remember going with my grandmother to pick up birthday cakes and/or the random ice cream cone.  Now we get them at our local grocery store and when Holden turned two we introduced him to my little family tradition.

Here is a picture of the big boy on his bike.  He's SO happy!  I have a feeling this is what he will be doing ALL weekend!  LOL!

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