Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Project Life review....

As i scanned the blogs one day I kept seeing a consistent theme from all the bloggers posting their project life pages.  What I noticed right away was that they were putting items in their pages that traditional scrapbookers don't really scrapbook (but always wanted to).  I thought that was cool but not enough to sell me. 

I'm a die hard traditional scrapbooker.  So seeing something like this makes me skeptical.  When I end up in the skeptical zone I scrutinize, I scoff and think no way - it's not for me!

Keep in mind that I'm behind - I know, aren't we all, but I'm REALLY behind.  My son's book is only up to his first birthday, he will be 3 this month.  My daughter who just turned 1 doesn't even have a first year book like my son does. UGH behind! 

For some reason about two months ago I guess I had seen enough and thou still being really skeptical for some reason I ordered it off of Amazon anyway.  When it arrived I looked through it but my lack of excitement made me stick it under my desk, and there it sat until a week ago. 

My verdict...

I don't like PL. 

I love it.

I wonder what my issue was and why I didn't just trust the genius behind PL - Ms. Becky Higgins with being able to do what I needed to do in WAY less time.  The thing that sold me?  I am able to capture my memories, jot down all the crazy stuff my 3 year old says and 1 year old does and still use all my traditional sb supplies.  In fact is so much less stressful! 

You aren't staring at a huge piece of paper.  Each page has a bunch of different pockets so it's like doing a bunch of mini sb layouts on one page.  It all works together, you can journal (which was a big issue for me) AND you can get the 6x6 paper packs that not only save space but are 1/4 of the price of the big packs!!!!  

With that being said I am doing my DD (see earlier post) with PL and loving every page! 

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