Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Heads Up :) Good things are on the way!

Wow so it's already April 11th (how did that happen?) and from the time I last posted to today things have been nuts.  I "celebrated" my 36th birthday, started a class over @ my favorite happy place Studio Calico with Kelly Purkey called Sketchbook 4 (you can buy 3 and Sketchpad off of her site).  I've already done 4 layouts!  Which is huge for me because normally I get that done in 2 months not the two weeks.  Plus I'm using my stash and that's always a great thing.  Go check out KP - she is one of my faves! 

OK so besides getting around to uploading those 4 into the Que so that I can share with everyone I also have a special post that has been needing to go up for at least a month (so sorry Tanya!).  This lovely young lady gave me a sweet shout out and I've not been able to pay it forward.  I hope for that post to go up tonight too.

Lots of changes are on the way into getting better at having a routine to everything.  Time for Zumba, time for this blog, time to scrapbook (and say thank you a hundred times) and time for my hubby and kiddos.  It's been a long time coming. 

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