Friday, April 13, 2012

Sketchbook 4 - Sketch #1 Happiness in a Box

For the first Sketch in Kelly Purkey's awesome class (you can buy two of them on her now because its worth every penny!) This class - Sketchbook 4 from Studio Calico is no longer available but their May class (which is Ah-Mazing) is so if you want to learn how to get messy go to Studio Calico and sign up for Celine's class.  There is a kit too which is also just as awesome! 

While I loved the original sketch (which I can't show in respect to Kelly and crew) this is my take on it.  I just love some of the older lines (that you can still buy from two peas) and this alpha paper is just mad love.  Every month us subbers get a kit from SC.  You can get the add on's or anything else you wish in the shop.  This was my loot from April and oh boy was it just awesome!  Best box ever! but I'm sure i say that every time ;)  (sorry for the crocked picture...I'm still learning PS and how to take a straight picture apparently!) 

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  1. I love what you did with that sketch! I haven't attempted it yet!!