Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Doodlebug design team tryouts - home decor

Ok I have to be honest even though I've been a scrapbooker for a long time doing these four projects were my absolute favorite!  I ended up submitting # 3.  It was quite a toss up between the tray and the birdhouse but I was trying to be different and show that even distressed doodlebug is still really cute! 

Decor 1 - halloween wreath

Using spooky town I wrapped a small straw wreath with basic black wide ribbon.  Then I cut 1 inch wide strips of the beetle black petit prints paper.  I wrapped that around and used very short hem pins to secure the paper to the wreath.  I'm sure a glue gun would work just fine too.  Then I cut strips of black magic paper to make the bow.  Add some sugar coated stickers and ta-da a super cute wreath.  I'm thinking about making another for the other door that leads into my dining room.  Love it! :)

Decor 2 - birdhouse
I made this for my little Zoe's room but it turned out so well I thought I would post it.  I used the Ladybug Garden line.  I purchased a small birdhouse from my local craft store.  I used paint from left over paint samples I got while trying to figure out what colors my walls should be and LOTS of measurements.  To get the ladybug to sit in the little birdy house I used fishing wire and pop dots.

Decor 3 - Bon Apetit Nonna tray
I didn't want to use my Nonna's original cookie reciepe so I make a photo copy of it and had a blast making it.  I took Doodlebug's Bon Apetit line and distressed the whole thing.  The tray is 7 gypses and used Tim Holtz distress ink in walnut along with some other ranger products to make the batter on the two spoons.  I love how Doodlebug can be cute or you can make it cozy by using some stickles and distress ink.  Enjoy!

Decor 4 - paper pumpkin

I saw a similar design in a craft mag (don't remember which one) and I thought it was cute.  I cut 1 inch strips after making my own double sided paper, punched a hole on each end.  I took a large brad, connected both ends and spreaded it out.  The example I saw had the middle stuffed but I thought this one looked better empty.  At least at this point.  I'm sure once I add it to my fall table I will do something with that middle. 

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  1. So cute! That ribbon that you made for your wreath out of paper is ingenious! Good luck!