Monday, August 29, 2011

Doodlebug design team tryouts - scrapbook layouts

Now that I've shared a ton of cards I have three layouts that I created (to pick just one but hey I got more pages for my book done so I'll take it!)  My final submission was layout 1.

layout 1 - cow licked
The title alone cracks me up.  I used the barnyard collection from Doodlebug and when I got this line I was like wow what am I gonna do with this but these two layouts came out great - I love them so I'm excited to share them.  We went to our local farm - South mountain creamery in Frederick, MD.  They open their farm to the public I think twice a year and in April we went to go see the baby cows because my 2 1/2 year old son loves cows.  He wants to be one for Halloween - those pictures are going to awesome if I can stop laughing. 
Layout 2 - hey there chicky
After getting to feed the baby cows, laughing at the baby pigs and asking if he could have a bunny we went to see the chicks.  As he was looking into the incubator a chick popped out of his shell.  Holden thought that was just the coolest thing. 

Layout 3 - Happy 2nd Birthday
I wanted to have another layout that was not barnyard so I tossed this one together at the last minute.  I used the surprise party birthday celebration line for the boys.  There is a pink one for the girls that is just as awesome but since Zoe isn't even 1 I haven't pulled it out to play with yet.  (to get the balloon strings I drew them in as dashes but ribbon would be cool too)

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